1450063_10154618652540720_2989265936727796201_nHi there 🙂 I’m a freelance writer and editor based in the (sometimes) sunny city of Cape Town. A word nerd and grammar perfectionist, I love to make sentences sing. If you have a project you need creative content marketing for let’s chat!

I’m obsessed with pandas, paint in my free time, would travel all over the world if I could, have a thing for delicious monster leaves, and enjoy pottering in the kitchen (I listen to Adele, drink wine, and don’t follow recipes).

A bit about my background: 

I’ve worked in the industry for some time, across a range of digital platforms and clients. I was promoted to Head of Content at Saatchi & Saatchi Synergize (a division of Saatchi & Saatchi) at a young age, whereupon I managed a team of over ten writers, doing all the planning, editing, processes, and admin for the team, along with a great deal of writing. I worked on a number of major campaigns, for clients the likes of Shimansky, Rovos Rail, Ramsay Media, and Shoprite. It was a tremendous challenge coordinating 12 writers across over 110 clients, but the team handled deadlines seamlessly, and I introduced multiple workflow processes to streamline the system. Synergize was first and foremost an SEO company, so I come from a strong background in SEO and Analytics.

From Saatchi Synergize, I moved to Projects Abroad, where I handled their social media account, and global campaigns for primarily their UK and US markets. I then moved to CapeTownMagazine.com, where I managed a small team producing events-focused content about the city. This role also involved a great deal of organisation, admin, research, and SEO and Analytics research. I then moved to Rhino Africa, where I managed a multinational team of over 6 writers from all over the world, coordinating their workflows, managing team admin, writing, editing, creating communication guidelines across five languages, and streamlining interdepartmental communication.

I am obsessed with detail, love conducting research, consistently meet deadlines, value perfection, and enjoy planning, writing, and editing web content.